Morning Stretches and Breathing

Have you ever noticed that than when a dog or cat wakes up from a long nap, that they take a few moments for stretching?  Of course we all know the cat stretch.  Morning is a perfect time for getting our blood pumping to the extremities.  This set of breathing and stretching does not need to take a long time.  Only long enough to get they oxygen flowing throughout your body while gently stretching all major muscle groups.

Morning Stretch and breathing exercises are added to your daily beauty schedule.

Finding Your Passions

Most people have more than one passion, whether it be passions that emerge from your work life or passions that envelope your home life.

Finding what brings you a feeling of satisfaction and joy is the first step. Making time for improvements or simply experiencing passion is the second step.  When you are living your passion, unhealthy habits are forgotten, at least for awhile.  

What do you see yourself doing when you daydream?  You don’t have to completely change your life to live your dream but could you modify your dream to fit into your current life situation?

Are you an indoor or outdoor type of person?

Do you like adventure?

Introvert or extrovert?

Are you into self improvement or education?

These questions and more importantly your answers will serve as your compass.

My passion of choice is travel especially to a remote locale. Experiencing a new culture or new scenery even in the United States helps me live in the moment, get out of my own head and enjoy the simple experience of living life.