Is Netflix Making Us Fatter?


Binge eating while binge watching, Is Netflix making us fatter?

Binging on our favorite foods while binging on our favorite movies and televisions shows (don’t forget gorge gaming) has become a popular lifestyle for a huge CHUNK of us in the last decade.  With the invention of the DVR in 1999 and other movie streaming services such as Netflix in 2007, it is no surprise that we are becoming bigger couch potatoes, quite literally.









These awesome shows and games for that matter, are much better than anything I could have hoped for when I was a kid in the 70’s.  I was lucky to have something remotely interesting for maybe an hour or two after school on tv.  Yeah it was an old wooden console RCA tv and it was not sexy or sleek like today’s models.

Television or Atari was kinda bomb back then, but I was equally interested in playing outside with my brother or at my friends houses.  Of course we played Space Invaders but we had equal fun riding bikes and building fires in the woods..don’t tell Mom.

Let’s go watch Netflix and chill.  Yeah, I am well aware of the other meaning.

I know that Netflix is not to blame directly, for if I would have been born a genius and thought about streaming movies, I damn sure would have done it first.

The obesity rates are climbing so fast that half of us Americans will be obese within the next ten years.  This coincides with our sedentary lifestyle and changes in our foods.  I am not above the couch potato-gamer grubbing- movie marathon effect…My weight increase has coincided with The Walking Dead and American Horror Story available seasons.

I am not willing to risk my life for comfort foods and comfort tv.  I am on a mission to find out why the Americans that I remember from my childhood no longer resemble the Americans that I see in my neighborhood.

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Tuesday Beauty Schedule

January 24 Tuesday

Healthy Eating

1 Beauty Smoothie


8 glasses of Water during the day

Daily Anti Aging Routine

Exercise Morning-2 Mile Walk or Run

Raw Food Snacks


Tweeze Eyebrows/hair removal

Nails file and paint

Oily/Dry : Skin/Hair Treatment

Exercise Evening- Focus on Core exercises for 20 minutes

At least 7 hours of sleep

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